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How to Bowl a Strike Using a Hook Ball aka Curve Ball

Learn how to bowl a strike using a hook ball, aka curve ball, in this bowling video from Howcast with expert Byron Toth.


My name is Byron Toth. I'm owner operator of Toth's Score Mor Pro Shop, located here in Score's Fun Center in Painesville, Ohio. I'm a world record holder. I have multiple three hundred games, in a eight hundred series. And I'm here to talk about bowling.

... The purpose of throwing a bowling ball in a hooking, or curving motion, is to increase the entry angle into the pocket, in order to increase your strike percentage. The whole reason is, if you threw a straight ball, from the very corner of the lane, the most angle you could get into the pocket is about two degrees. But with a curve or a hook ball, you can stand a little farther to the left, throw the ball out, let it curve into the pocket, thereby increasing the entry angle into the pocket. The purpose of that is, once the ball hits the pocket, it wants to go back, and carry out the five and the eight pin. Where, if you throw a straight ball, it'll hit the eight pin too early, and more than likely deflect off to the right. And that carry out the fight.

The way to throw a curve or a hook is to have your hand in the ball such that the thumb is positioned in front of your fingers, fingers down under the ball, and at the point of release, you want to rotate the ball so that your fingers are on the side of the ball. Imparting a rotation right to left. As the ball goes down the lane, friction takes over. And the ball starts to hook right the left, and thereby increasing your strike percentage.

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