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How to Bowl a 300

Learn tips on bowling 300 from world record-holding bowler Byron Toth in this Howcast video.


My name is Byron Toth, I am owner/operate of Toth's Score Mor Pro Shop, located here in Score's Fun Center in Painesville, Ohio. I am a world record holder, I have multiple 300 games and 800 series and I'm here to talk about both.

Let's give you some of my personal tips on how to throw and complete the 300 game. I've had a number of 300 games and here's what's worked for me. First of all, you need to maintain discipline and concentration throughout the game. Focus on the changing lane conditions and today's environment. You have to stay one step ahead of those changes so that you keep the ball in the pocket.

Once you've reached the 8th, 9th, or 10th frame it becomes a little more tense. The adrenaline starts to flow, and you need to focus on what aspect of your delivery got you this far. It might be hitting your target mark, keeping your ball speed up, whatever it is, focus on one thing. Don't allow negative thoughts to enter into your thought process. Don't think of failure, stay positive, and hopefully that will carry you through to your 300 game. Good luck!

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