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Is it Legal to Keep a Teacup Pig in a City?

Learn if teacup pigs are legal to keep in cities from the animal experts at traveling petting zoo Squeals on Wheels in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Jill Phillips, and I'm co-owner of Squeals on Wheels, a traveling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas, chickens, ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is

Before, you even think about bringing a little pig into your home, its very, very important to check your local zoning laws. You can do that by calling your city hall. You also have to check with your homeowner's association, your HOA, if you're part of one. In many states and cities, pigs are not considered pets. They are considered to be livestock, and you have to adhere to those zoning laws. Now, if it does turn out that you're not able to bring a miniature pig into your family's home because of zoning laws, you really only have 3 choices. You cannot purchase the pig. You can opt to move, which is a little extreme, or you can work to lobby to change that particular zoning law that affects you and this decision.

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