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Facts & Myths about Teacup Pigs

Learn the facts and myths about teacup pigs from the animal experts at traveling petting zoo Squeals on Wheels in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name is Jill Phillips, and I'm co-owner of Squeals on Wheels, a traveling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas, chickens, ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is

When pigs from small miniature pig parents are born, they can actually fit into the size of a little teacup, which is where the term ""teacup pig"" comes into play. They're three to five ounces, some of them, very teeny. Pigs will reach their maximum growth at somewhere between three to four years, sometimes even five years. I would say that the average size miniature pig is under 30 pounds. Some obviously get very much larger and some may end up smaller, maybe even under 20 pounds. Because miniature pigs are so incredibly intelligent, it's very easy to litter box train them, and they are easily litter boxed trained within one to five days. Little piggies do live ten to fifteen years of age. You also need to piggy-proof your home, much like you would toddler proof your home. To make sure they can't get into any mischief, lock up cleaners, toxins. One thing to note about miniature pigs is they just don't like to be picked up. They don't like their little feet in the air. They don't like to be held up standing. They really dislike it, and they will squeal. But personally, I think it's really worth the effort, because they are a wonderful little pet. They're intelligent. You can teach them to do almost anything. They love to snuggle. They bond fully with people. They're very affectionate, and you can teach them to do about anything. You can easily harness train them, and then the piggy gets to exercise, and you get your exercise, and they're a wonderful little addition to any family.

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