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How to Combine Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

Learn how to combine custom cakes and cupcakes from professional cake decorator Amanda Oakleaf in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we cupcakes, custom cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I will be talking to you about baking cupcakes. There's a couple ways that you can combine custom cakes and cupcakes. The first would be to order the custom cake to match the event. Colors and design and everything, to feed the majority of your people. And then the remaining amount of servings, we can do as cupcakes. And the design of the cupcakes and flavor can match the design and flavor of the custom cake. And display them around the perimeter of the custom cake. The other reason to separate cakes from cupcakes in the same event would be if there's an allergy. If we have somebody with a nut allergy for example, you can have a cake that serves everybody and has peanut butter in it, but maybe order some cupcakes on the side so that way people with the nut allergies don't feel left out. And those are two ways you can combine both custom cakes and cupcakes.

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