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How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

Learn how to prepare your boat for a hurricane in this Howcast boating video with expert Toby Stull.


Hi, my name is Toby Stull and I'm captain with Out in the Water Sailing. We're an adventure sports sailing company, providing charters, sailing lessons, vessel training and consulting. Please visit our website at We're here today in Liberty Harbor to talk about boating. It's every boater's nightmare to see that storm coming and you're not prepared. Every year hurricanes destroy boats and cause millions of dollars in damages in marinas around the world. The first part of preparing your boat for a hurricane is having a plan before you even see one coming your way. Are you in a protected harbor? Do you need to move your boat? If your boat is not in a protected safe harbor, a hurricane hole if you will, have a plan of where your boat is gonna go. Have a marina that you have a relationship with that knows you'll be showing up if that hurricane arrives. Have a safe harbor picked out where your boat will be as safe as it can be when the storm comes. Call your insurance company. Many insurance companies will pay the expense to haul your boat. Watch the weather closely. As the storm draws close, but not too close, go down to your boat and retie your lines. Take off your canvas or any type of windage that could put additional strain on your boat when the storm comes through. As the storm passes, don't succumb to the temptation to ride it out on your boat. While we know how much you love your boat, catastrophe could strike and your boat could get ruined. If your boat were to break free during a hurricane, being aboard is the last place you wanna be.

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