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How to Do Popping

Learn popping in this Howcast dance video with choreographers Jamal Cumberbatch and Searich Wilson Hong.


My name is Jamal Cumberbatch. I'm Searich Hong. And we are choreographers from the Eternity Dance Academy. You can find out more about me and all the choreographers at So today we are going to be teaching you Tutting, are you ready? I am let's go. Popping and Tutting. When you're popping you really wanna tick, it's all about ticking. You wanna be able to have really good movement. You'll be able to watch somebody, when they are popping their muscles they are showing the movements through their body, but it's nice, clean and sharp. That's popping, ok? So when you see the person flexing their arm and being able to show you, that's what popping is all about. Being able to flex the muscles and joint. You wanna be able to see the muscle twitching and popping at the same time. That is great technique and great form. That is your popping there, OK? Then after that, you wanna be able to show the tutting that we're gonna fuse together. Straight lines, good arms, everything is really nice and clean. While he is also doing that, if you saw the pop that he's using in his arms, that's the reason why you have popping and tutting mixing together just like water and cool-aid. So we gonna bring it together while he's dancing in the movements he's showing the flow, he's showing different technique. Do you see how he is popping and locking and tutting and putting all the movements together? Nice clean angles, nice clean lines. Popping joints, muscles. Make you come alive everybody, make you come alive. That's what you wanna see, he's making it all come alive. Tutting and popping, that's how you wanna do it.

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