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How to Tut like Moon

Learn how to tut like Moon in this Howcast dance video with choreographers Jamal Cumberbatch and Searich Wilson Hong.


My name is Jamal Cumberbatch. I'm Wilson Hong. And we are choreographers from the Eternity Dance academy. You can also check me and the other choreographers at So today were going to be teaching you Tutting are you ready? I am let's go. How to Tut like Moon: First, practice. Practice your basic tuts. From there, try to think out of the box. Imagine, "ok, how can I go from a basic tut in to a different kind?" Get storylines, get whatever happens in your life and try and incorporate that with your tutting. His style is really intricate, that's what he likes to do. He is super clean with his angles; his lines are just like impossible. He doesn't even look human. He's like robotic. But be intricate with your movement; he likes to think up different structures, different ideas. You can watch from any view and its kind of 3Dish. That's what is really cool about it. He likes to make puzzles, like fit pieces together. He just has so many different shapes and styles and structures of tutting, finger tutting, and he moves his whole body with it. That's what really makes it nice. So, to tut like Moon you have to have a library, like a whole inventory of tuts. You gotta have like an index, you gotta know where you're going from finger tutting to regular tutting to your whole body. He uses all his movements with his tutting and its really fantastic.

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