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How to Pick a Good Tutting Song

Learn how to pick a tutting song in this Howcast dance video with choreographers Jamal Cumberbatch and Searich Wilson Hong.


My name is Jamal Cumberbatch. I'm Wilson Hong. And we are choreographers from the Eternity Dance academy. You can also check me and the other choreographers at So today were going to be teaching you Tutting are you ready? I am let's go. How to pick a good tutting song. First, find a song you like, cause you don't want to be trying to tut to a song that you're pretty disturbed by. Definitely prefer Dubstep. Dubstep is just something one of a kind right now. I think a lot of people are going to be able to involve their music ability and dance ability into the dubstep sound that's coming out right now. Dubstep music has so many different types of beats and it's just, it's enjoyable. You gotta find a good dubstep song and then once you have your tuts down, study your music, learn your dubstep song, and just destroy it. I like to listen to old school beats from the eighties. You get a little bit of energy or you get a little bit of involvement from the movie Breakin', or Beat Street, or just the old school vibes of that New York City life. You know the cardboard, that, that kind of music, kind of like a so-sonic funk, earth wind, and fire. Even Michael Jackson has some song that you'll really want to pop and you'll really want to tut in. But now, with this new generation of having kinda like the dubstep beats, the European style music, that helps out so much more because then you can actually evolve your dance style into like a creative form of just, how should I say like, a really artistic ability of becoming something. If you're trying to just practice your tuts, clean them up, pick a slow paced song. First start with slow paced, and eventually gradually make them faster and faster. That way you can control your tempo, your beat, your morphing, and all that good stuff. If you try and think of new ideas, find a really good song, but find it with certain sounds. Like maybe a roar, like a cat roar or something like that. Just something special to make you think out of the box. If you think out of the box with the music, then you can incorporate that into your tutting and you can get just a whole different style of tutting.

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