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Kelley Learns to Belly Dance

Howcast former intern Kelley H. took different moves demonstrated by belly dancer Irina Akulenko and put them together for one rockin' routine!


Kelly: Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm an intern with howcast. I saw the belly dancing series, I thought it was really cool. And I figured why not give it a try? The first video that I saw that sparked my interested was the choo choo shimmy. So Irena, help me out.

Irena: So what we're going to do is step on the right leg, and the left leg, and with each step we're going to lift the hip up. And let's try that with music. And this is much easier if you keep the heels lifted off the floor, keeping the weight on the inside of the feet.

Kelly: That is easier.

Irena: And that's how you do a choo choo shimmy.

Kelly: Alright, well I think I have the choo choo shimmy so let's move onto another move that I thought was pretty interesting. The basic Egyptian.

Irena: So this is how you do the basic Egyptian.

Kelly: The next video I came across, it's kind of a hard one. It's called the traveling andulation.

Irena: What you're going to do is combine the basic andulation with some foot work. Let's try that with music. And let's try it a little bit faster. And that's how you travel with an andulation.

Kelly: Let's try it all together now. Music please? Alright, well that's my routine. It's a lot of fun, but hard work. Thanks Irena, for all the moves.

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