How to Give Passive-Aggressive Christmas Gifts

Here's how to give those on your naughty list the Christmas gifts they really deserve.

You will need

  • Unworthy recipients
  • Mean streak
  • Dollar store book (optional)

Step 1 Picture this Find the worst photo of them that you can, have it enlarged, and give it to them framed. You won’t be lying when you say, “This is my favorite picture of you!”

Step 2 Rub in their weight Give them a diet-related Christmas gift along with a really “heartfelt” note.

Step 3 Shop the dollar store Find something weird and clearly worthless at the dollar store.

Step 4 Make something Present them with a homemade Christmas gift — something that one would be hard-pressed to love even if it came from their own child.

Step 5 Give them freebies Gather all the free crap you can and dump it into a used holiday bag — you know you have one.

Step 6 Wrap up a fruitcake Give them a fruitcake — unless, of course, they’re among the 1 percent of the population who actually enjoys a good fruitcake. In that case, give them a stale one. Happy Holidays!