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How to Kiss Someone on New Year's Eve

No one special for New Year's Eve? No problem! You can still get a kiss -- just follow our lead.


  • Step 1: Attend a singles event Attend the largest singles event you can find -- most communities have them. Or head to Times Square in New York City; with one million revelers, surely you can find someone suitable to kiss at midnight. Other cities with big New Year's Eve blowouts include Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Edinburgh.
  • TIP: If you can afford it, consider booking a New Year's singles cruise.
  • Step 2: Be kissable Be kissable: It's even more important than knowing how to kiss. Brush and floss your teeth to perfection, and don't forget mouthwash. Carry mints for a quick refresher.
  • TIP: Ladies, go easy on the lipstick and gloss; a shiny red mouth may look pretty, but it's less inviting to actually kiss.
  • Step 3: Scope out the room Scope out the room well before midnight. Strike up conversations with everyone who looks like a good kissing candidate.
  • Step 4: Be flirty When you find someone you like, tell them in your most suggestive voice that you really know how to kiss and just might prove it to them at midnight. How they react should help you gauge whether you should keep flirting or move on.
  • Step 5: Be bold When the clock strikes midnight, say "Happy New Year!" to whomever you fancy and move in for the kiss. As long as you keep your tongue to yourself and your lips don't overstay their welcome, you should be fine. Good luck!
  • FACT: More Americans kiss a pet than a person on New Year's Eve, according to one poll.

You Will Need

  • New Year's Eve gathering
  • Fresh breath
  • Flirting skills
  • Boldness
  • New Year's singles cruise (optional)

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