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Breast Cancer Prevention in Your 60s

Learn what you can do to prevent breast cancer if you're in your 60s in this Howcast video with expert Marisa Weiss, MD.


Hi, I'm Doctor Marisa Weiss, president and founder of I'm also a practicing oncologist, and mom, and also a breast cancer survivor. So I'm happy to share information with you today that could help protect your life against breast cancer. If you're a woman in your sixties, you've lived a lot of life already, but you've got a lot of life left to go. So it's still really important to do what you can to protect you breast health and get the full benefit of early detection. So for your breast health you want to make everyday choices that are going to protect your breast health and reduce your risk of breast cancer. As we grow older, our risk of breast cancer increases, so vigilance and sticking to the plan is particularly important. That means getting to and sticking to a healthy weight, it can feel particularly difficult in your sixties to lose weight, but believe me, you really can do it. It does mean working with somebody who has experience, who can help guide you with your everyday choices, and get you to success, to a point where your weight is close to your healthy weight, and again stick with that. Alcohol use? More of us are drinking today and drinking more alcohol, and women in our sixties, you know, there's a lot of burdens we might be carrying and that may drive us to drink more. You want to make sure you stick to the limit, which is 5 or fewer drinks a week. Being physically active, and exercising 3 to 4 hours a week, 5 to 7 is better, may be difficult, if you're in your 60's and you've got aches and pains, back pains, knee discomfort, something bothering you, uh, but if you work with a physical medicine doctor, or a personal coach, they can help devise a plan that can help you around some of those physical challenges. Many women in their 60's are dealing with other health concerns like diabetes or back pain, or, problems with your teeth. You may have emotional strain, you may have depression, anxiety, life may have changed a lot from the way it used to be. But all these changes in your life and these medical challenges should be addressed. You can't do everything at once but it's important to address the medical challenges as soon as you can, get the diabetes under control, see a good dentist, floss your teeth. You want to limit the amount of inflammation in your body, like in your mouth, that can wear down your immune system. If you're having anxiety or depression make sure you get help with that. There are many remedies that make a big difference for someone struggling with those issues. You want to enjoy the fun of life, enjoy the people in your life, what matters most. Find some hobbies. Enjoy grand children. Dream about retirement, plan for it. These are all the changes that you can make in your everyday life. In your sixties you want to get the full advantage of early detection. That means continue with your annual mammography, once a year, together your doctor's breast examination, and your own breast self-examination. Those three tools will help you get the greatest benefit from early detection.

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