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Breast Cancer Prevention in Your 30s

Learn what you can do to prevent breast cancer if you're in your 30s in this Howcast video with expert Marisa Weiss, MD.


"Hi, I'm Doctor Marisa Weiss, president and founder of I'm also a practicing oncologist, and mom, and also a breast cancer survivor. So I'm happy to share information with you today that could help protect your life against breast cancer. If you are a woman in your thirties, work a busy time of life, things seem too hectic. You never have time for anything you really want to do and it's hard to find the time to take care of yourself but it's important to understand that changes that you make in your everyday life will give you a lot of return on your investment and breast health really echoes women's health. So, when you look at the various aspects of your everyday life, you can make some important changes like, getting to and seeking to a healthy weight, exercising three four hours a week five to seven hours is better, limiting your alcohol use to five or fewer drinks per week, trying to use non-hormonal types of birth control like the IUD in a, IUD is just one example. It's also important to get your sleep and your rest and try to manage stress in your life. The time at night when you are sleeping is when you are repairing the wear and tear of your everyday living, meditation, the regular exercise, yoga, acupuncture or modifying the demands and expectations that you have on you as well as loading habit, sort of thank the people from presenting you with an opportunity by figuring out a nice way of saying ""No, Thank You"". As you move forward in your thirties, it's also important to know that pregnancy, breast-feeding are protected against breast cancer. So, if in your life you are in a situation where you are thinking about having kids and you know there is never a perfect time but there is evidence that shows that having your first full term pregnancy early or other than later is protected against breast cancer as is breast feeding. These are just a few examples of the steps that you can take in your everyday life to help protect your precious breast health.


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