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How to Understand Breast Cancer with Marisa Weiss, MD

Learn about Marisa Weiss, MD, founder of the breast cancer support non-profit and a breast cancer survivor herself, in this video.


Hi, I'm Dr. Marisa Weiss. I'm president and founder of I'm a practicing breast cancer doctor in the Philadelphia area like in a medical center, a mom and also a breast cancer survivor! I'm also involved in all kinds of deliverable information about breast help and breast cancer; primarily through but also using books. I have a book called Taking Care of Your Girls', a breast health guide for girls, teens and in-betweens and also a book called Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer' after keeping it before the rest of your life begins. It's a guide and involves all kinds of programs with live and print media and have a blog on Think Pink, Live Green, how to reduce your risk with breast cancer. So I'm pleased to work with you today and share information about how to protect your life against the threat of breast cancer. And for more information about all the things that we're going to talk about on breast health and breast cancer, please tune into

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