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Songs for Kids: Phonics Song

Help your child learn to read with the Phonics Song in this songs for kids video.


A is for apple. A-a-apple. B is for book. B-b-book. C is for cat. C-c-cat. D is for doll. D-d-doll. E is for elephant. E-e-elephant. F is for fish. F-f-fish. G is for goat. G-g-goat. H is for hat. H-h-hat.

I is for iguana. I-i-iguana. J is for juice. J-j-juice. K is for kangaroo. K-k-kangaroo. L is for lion. L-l-lion. M is for moon. M-m-moon. N is for night. N-n-night. O is for octopus. O-o-octopus. P is for popcorn. P-p-popcorn.

Q is for quilt. Q-q-quilt. R is for ram. R-r-ram. S is for smile. S-s-smile. T is for tiger. T-t-tiger. U is for umbrella. U-umbrella. V is for violin. V-v-violin. W is for whale. W-w-whale. X is for xylophone. X-x-xylophone. Y is for yo-yo. Y-y-yo-yo. Z is for zebra. Z-z-zebra. That's the end of our song.

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