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How to Buy a Tactical Knife

Learn how to buy a tactical knife in this Howcast video with expert Dan Delavan.


Hi, my name's Dan Delevan. I'm the owner operator of Plaza Cutlery in Costa Mesa, California. We have a great selection. We also have a website, And today we're going to be talking about knives.

In tactical knives there's a wide variety of knives. There's from your basic Ontario K-Bar, a number of different companies make good quality knives for under 100 dollars, to in your higher range, into your Striders, your Chris Reeves. These, you're paying extra for a high quality deal, quarter inch stock. Pretty much something that's pretty much indestructible. In your folding knives, this, again, from your basic Emerson CQC7, still one of the most popular knives. With the wave feature for quick opening, to a Spyderco military. You know, very tactical, again, with the pocket clip. So it's easy to carry. And fast opening. Just with a hole.

With your Ontario knives, they can start from the 40 dollar range, and then go up from there. In your Striders and Chris Reeves, they're going to start in the 300 dollar range, and go up from there. Those are very limited availability. They're hard to get. Of all of these, the most expensive knife here is the Phill Hartsfield. This is a 1970s vintage small Tanto. It's 5,000 dollars.

In our particular store we have Marines up from Camp Pendleton to buy anywhere from pocket knife to a Swiss Army Knife in which to carry with them into overseas. It's the regular person that's going camping, or backpacking, usually wants to have some kind of knife. And usually it'll end up being the tactical knifes. In our particular area, there's not as much hunting. So hunting knives aren't quite as popular. So a tactical knife would usually fit the bill. Plus with the pocket clips that they have on them now, you know, they're just a lot easier in which to carry.

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