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How to Do a Basic Tutting Move

Learn basic tutting moves in this Howcast dance video with choreographers Jamal Cumberbatch and Searich Wilson Hong.


My name is Jamal Cumberbatch. I'm Wilson Hong. And we are choreographers from the Eternity Dance academy. You can also check me and the other choreographers at So today were going to be teaching you Tutting are you ready? I am let's go. So right now, we're gonna show you basic tutting movements. All together, listen, are you ready? And here we go. And bam, there it is. That's step 1, I love it. Do you like it? Step 2, sliding the hand up, just like that. Do you see the lines? Now, step 3, bringing it down. Nice clean, nice and sharp. Look at the angles, look at the arms. Step 4, sliding it all the way together. You're gonna make a box there, like, a nice rectangular shape. Step 5, bringing the arms down, just like that. Clean lines. Now, let's see step 6. Sliding the arms out, really nice clean lines also. Step 7, going back into the praise movement. There you have it, 7 basic steps. So this is basically a simple routine based of finger tutting that I will show you. First, I build a square, I slide it in, work with me now. Then I bring it up, and then I bring it down. Which, you see the box right there with my fingers, and we stack this on top. And stack, and stack. After that, I slide up, down, up, and bring my hands together. So, in a rhythm or routine, what I'm gonna do is, if I wanna bring my hands together, like, boom, and I show you the movements. And I bring my hands up, and I go into this movement, I lock it down, kinda like transformer. Shoulders, there you go, you're transforming. Bring it up, stack that, stack that, boom boom ba. Make it clean, make it nice. Use all 10 fingers and make it happen.

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