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How to Create a Base & Foundation for Vampire Makeup

Learn how to create a base and foundation for vampire makeup in this Howcast Halloween makeup tutorial with expert Kenneth Llambelis.


Hi, my name's Kenneth Llambelis. I'm one of the head makeup artists at Abracadabra Superstore in the heart of New York City. You can find out more about me and the store Abracadabra at

For this look, we'll be working on a vampire. Not your classic Bela Lugosi, but more kind of the modern True Blood, Twilight kind of vampire. You're going to start off using a really, really light skin foundation. I'll be working with a Ben Nye Special White. You kind of want to just press it in with a wedged sponge. You want to press because if you kind of go in a stroking manner, you'll probably leave a streak. Then you're just going to do this all over the entire face. Just going to continue down from the forehead down to the cheek area. You kind of want to make sure you have a completely smooth complexion, not too streaky. For the hard to reach areas, you could just use any kind of regular foundation brush and just again, go in with the lighter foundation. And right on the eyebrows. After you have everything all applied and everything looks a little bit more even, then you can start going in and setting it with a translucent powder. I'm just emptying out some of the powder into a small cap that it comes with and any kind of fluffy powder brushes will do fine. Just get a little bit of the powder on it and then tap it so any like excess comes off. Just going to go in and again just tap the powder on top of all the surface area that's been painted. I'm currently working with Kryolan's Pro-face Translucent Powder. The good thing about this one is it comes with a antiperspirant, so any sweating at all, it will help diminish. This is also going to help set the makeup, so you don't have any problems with it smudging or running off later on.

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