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How to Do Your Eyes & Eyebrows for Drag Queen Makeup

Learn how to get drag queen eyes and eyebrows in this Howcast Halloween makeup tutorial with artist Kenneth Llambelis.


Hi, my name's Kenneth Llambelis. I'm one of the head makeup artists at Abracadabra Superstore in the heart of New York City. You can find out more about me and the store Abracadabra at

So now were going to start with the eyes. We're going to start off by adding a kind of champagne color shimmery shadow, and we're going to put this right on to the lid and little bit on to his brow bone. Now we're going to start with the liner. First you do the water line to extend out. We are going to draw out the shape we want. This one I'm going to do more of the diamond shape, starting at the bridge of the nose, And extend out, and shape back over. We're now going to use a gold crème-based makeup, and coat that all on the inside of the shape we just made. When that's applied, we're going to go in with a crushed shadow of a similar color. Get a little bit of the shadow on the brush and color in all that area we just did. Now we're going to go in with the black, with a small round brush, we're going to go in with a black crushed shadow. We're going to blend it into the outline of where the liner is into the gold. Go back in a little more with the gold. And also a little bit more with the eye gold. And blend it a little bit more. And give it more of like a solid shape. To keep this more of a dramatic look, we're going to give him kind of arched eyebrows. Start about a centimeter above where the eye makeup ends. We're going to do two dots to kind of level out where the beginning of the brow is going to be. I'm using a brow pencil. Or even just a basic eyeliner just for the shape. Just going to draw out. Then I'm going to take a flat brush with a little bit of a brown/black shadow onto it, and I'm going to press that into the shape we just created. And once those are on, your drag look is complete.

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