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How to Use Concealer & Highlighter for Drag Queen Makeup

Learn how to use concealer and highlighter for drag queen makeup in the first video of a two-part Howcast series with artist Kenneth Llambelis.


Hi, my name's Kenneth Llambelis. I'm one of the head makeup artists at Abracadabra Superstore in the heart of New York City. You can find out more about me and the store Abracadabra at

So after you have your brows blocked and covered, you're gonna start working on the face. You're gonna use the same color that we used for the brow highlight to cover the brows, which is the ultra white concealer. And we're gonna start working it into the top of the forehead and into the sides of the cheek. This is gonna be your highlight. Another important step is you're gonna wanna do a highlight right down the center of the nose and one at the very base of the chin. Another trick to making the face a little bit more feminine is if you take the highlight and bring it up and make the face slightly more oval. Our next step is we're gonna take a kind medium tone and start working it into the rest of the face. For this color I'm gonna work with Olive Sand by Ben Nye. We're gonna get some of the warm sand foundation onto the brush and just fill in the other areas. We're now gonna take a larger brush, and we're gonna smooth out all the edges. So any type of large powder brush will do the job. Again, we're just smoothing out all the edges. We're now gonna set this with mattifying powder. And I'll be using the Sundisk by Sephora. So, again, the same powder brush, we're just gonna run across this color right here in the center. After that's applied, we're gonna start working on contouring the face even more using powders.

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