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How to Tut in Freestyle Hip-Hop

Learn how to tut in freestyle hip hop in this Howcast dance video with choreographers Jamal Cumberbatch and Searich Wilson Hong.


"My name is Jamal Cumberbatch. I'm Wilson Hong. And we are choreographers from the Eternity Dance academy. You can also check me and the other choreographers at So today were going to be teaching you Tutting are you ready? I am let's go.
How to freestyle? What is freestyle? You freestyle when we dance [??] what ever comes out of your body, how you choose is decided, that's your style freestyle.

Just loosening up. Just being free. Just using all the moves that you can think of at. All in different periods of time.

So when I make my choreography, I just don't jump right in and just don't start making my choreography. I listen to the music, I listen to what it's saying , get the message and from there, I start moving my body listening to the words, listening to the musicality, hearing things and start working on different elements, like you know, surprising people.

[??] Pace, pace, pace. Let your mind go blank. Go, go freely. Don't think too hard about it. Go with it. Get a good song. It doesn't have to be a song. You could be listening to the birds chirping and you could be dancing to it. Just get, just fill it. Let the music move you.

There is no real science to your hip-hop, to your tutting, it's a free style. It's freely movement artistic ability which your mind is saying to the individual that's standing in front of you. This is a mixture of hip-hop, freestyle dancing with tutting at the same time.

So you know how a freestyle dancer likes to be. Just doing hip-hop. He likes to draw the moves out. He likes to show the movements nice and sweet, using the footwork. Being able to draw the hands back out and lining the body up, building, transforming your movements, really nice and sweet. And there you have it, freestyle hip-hop movements with your tutting at the same time."

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