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How to Get into a Summer Intensive for Ballet

Learn how to get into a summer intensive from ballerina Maegan Woodin in this Howcast ballet dance video.


My name is Maegan Woodin, and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and student. I have danced for MTV, Diana Ross, Marc Jacobs and have appeared in many music videos. You can find more information about me and my career, as well as photos and videos, at I'm going to be talking to you about ballet.

Ballet Dancing: How to Get into a Summer Intensive?

A dance summer intensive is a very intensive for dancers, and can last for 2, 3, 4, up to 8 weeks in the summer, and dancers stay overnight usually at this camp, and dance from 10 o'clock to 5 o'clock or maybe later in the day. They do all sorts of dance styles including modern and jazz, ballet point-work, partnering and conditioning. These courses are done in a short period of time, and dancers see what it is really like to be a professional dancer at a young age. To get into a summer dance camp intensive you can go online to google and search for intensives. You can also visit different company websites to see if they offer summer intensives. If you are looking to be part of a certain company, it's a good idea to take their summer intensive because they can see you during that period of time, and see how you work, and your work ethic and they can see how good of a dancer you are. Also you can go to Dance Magazine, which can be found online and also in stores. Dance Magazine offers a dance directory of summer intensives during the winter time that gives you location and time, cost and date of the summer intensives. You can also go into dance studios and on their bulletin boards or in their summer intensive books they offer the same information.

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