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What Should You Eat before a Ballet Class?

Learn what to eat before a ballet class from ballerina Maegan Woodin in this Howcast ballet dance video.


My name is Maegan Woodin, and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and student. I have danced for MTV, Diana Ross, Marc Jacobs and have appeared in many music videos. You can find more information about me and my career, as well as photos and videos, at I'm going to be talking to you about ballet. Eating before a ballet class is a good idea to make sure that you have enough strength to endure the class. You want to make that you eat something that's not to heavy and you don't feel weighed down or the food is sloshing around in your stomach. Good foods to eat before class include fruit, yogurts, nuts or dried fruit. Also, if you are planning on drinking water during class, a good idea is to make sure that you don't sip water. When you sip water, it slowly enters your stomach, but when you gulp water, it goes directly into your stomach and doesn't slosh around in the top part of your stomach. So make sure that you eat something light, so your mind and body are alert, and ready to take in whatever the teacher is ready to teach you.

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