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How to Draw a C in Graffiti

Learn how to draw the letter C in graffiti from graffiti artist Paes 164 in this Howcast video.


My name is Paes164 and I'm a professional artist. I've been painting since a teenager, and I've been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My Facebook is Okay, now we're off to another throw up, the letter c. Throw up, being exactly what it is. Something you're just gonna throw up on the wall and get it done quick, followed by nice little 3D, fillin' that in and working your way around. There's your nice latter C. Blockbuster C you know, we're gonna break this down basically two chunks. The back half of the C followed by the two front halves, which would block out and equal one piece, back half being the second piece. So let's go in and follow through with an outline of your blockbuster, and your 3D. K, now we're gonna come into our wild style C. You notice C doesn't really have a lot a cool, sharp corners to it, so to make it look wild style, we definitely have to be a little more creative. I'm gonna go ahead and take this C, just a basic round shape, and kinda tweak it out a little bit and add different points and curves to the ends, do a little spin off on the top, and maybe we'll even add a little arrow. Now we're gonna come back through and we're gonna fill it. Know you can a, I mean once people learn your style, you can't really take it too, too wild because it's just gonna be, it's just gonna be you, so if you can read it, that's usually what counts the most, and more in likely if you're doing graffiti and you can read it, other graffiti artists will too. We're gonna take that blue, take it up a little more than a half way then follow through with some drips, and just trying to demonstrate once again that any type of fill-in will look great once you come back and outline and enter outline the piece. We'll lean the can off kind of at a side angle so only the front half of the tip will give it that fuzzy, sprayed, fade look. Alright, so let's go up to the outline. So again you know, getting this outline in there and doing your 3D, all that messy shading you did at the beginning and all that overlapping gets cleaned up real quick with that outline, and then even more cleaned up as I come and do my inner gel and outer gel, which is the inner and outer outline. Now keep in mind since we're on the topic of the C, the graffiti is a crime if you do it illegally, ha, ha, ha. So we want to get that inner outline around the letter once again to just to kinda define the color from the outline and make that letter pop. Inner gels and outer gels are definitely graffiti all the way. It's something that's graffiti style and it's definitely gonna give it that street look when you're out there painting these letters. Now we're gonna follow an outer outline, also known as an outer gel. It's good to give it a couple minutes in between to let everything dry before you come and start layering your paint. Especially on a, depending what climate you're in. In a humid area or cold day, it's obviously gonna take a little bit longer. Wow, there you go, C for cool. Wild style done.

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