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How to Draw an F in Graffiti

Learn how to draw the letter F in graffiti from graffiti artist Paes 164 in this Howcast video.


My name is Paes164 and I'm a professional artist. I've been painting since a teenager, and I've been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My Facebook is On the letter F, let's get this started with another throw up again, another quick, non stop continuous line of a letter, to let everybody know what you're writing, and let it know fast. Boom, F. Come through, giving it like a box shadow around the letter. There's your throw up, also known as bubble letters. Letter F. Let's move forward with the letter F and make a fantastic blockbuster F. Two breakdowns; the whole back of the F followed by the front, keeping it in a box shape. And we start to fill in. After working your fill in, you get your outline ready. Again, some times when you're getting these straight lines you might want to just plant your hand, not spray, and follow the movement of the whole line before you come and do it. Just so you're not out here all day going over and over the thing. Outline down, followed by the 3D. And last but not least, our inner outline, for our fabulous F. So, off to the wild style F, pretty basic letter, there's such a big opening at the bottom, you know, you get into a big graffiti piece, each letter kind of fills up a section and works together with the next. So now we're going to come in and just play with shapes and really build up the bottom of it, so we kind of fill up that space for when it's all put together in a mural. So we break it down, still dealing with that same big back post. You know we're still dealing with the F, I'm just leaning it in a different direction. And, how about a nice little heart. Down, and I'm just going to take that same color I sketched with and fill it in. Again it's all about first layer, second layer, third layer. Getting into the end of the piece you end up doing the outline and inner and outer outlines last. So really worry about cleaning up your piece then, with those lines. Still a little bit of detail to fill in with. How about some more hearts for our flamboyant F. Filling done, simple and neat. I'll outline it with a different color now, give it a different look. Also, using that same color that I outlined with to bring in my 3D. Or, maybe my box shadow. 3D and outlines done; again when you're doing 3D, it only makes sense to make a 3D going the same direction throughout the whole piece, so make sure you pay attention to what side you're leaning it to. Do an inner outline, coming in with this you're cleaning up the existing outline, sharpening it all up. And we're going to end it with our outer outline, think I'm going to use the yellow, something that's a little lighter than everything on the piece, something that makes the letter stand out more. Boom, it's a nice wildstyle girly F, so rock it out.

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