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5 Cutting Tips for Graffiti

Learn some cutting tips from graffiti artist Paes 164 in this Howcast video.


My name is Paes164 and I'm a professional artist. I've been painting since a teenager, and I've been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My Facebook is Here we go, we're going to go through some tips with you today starting with this letter H right here for how cast. I kinda got some pieces cutting over and I want to shadow them up so just creating a little bit of red, maybe mixing in a little bit of this yellow, to get kind of a warm fuzz around the area that this piece that whips off comes around. Now you can see I'm actually cutting into the paint trimming out what I initially painted and overlaps with the red. Filling it in. You get the clean line to give the shadow I'm looking for. Once again, I'm just coming through and trimming it out. I'm coming in and trimming off straight lines. It's about as easy as that. You want to get into corners, you always don't want to forget that when you trim that corner out that your lines are still going to fall into the same place but it's going to be a tight corner. completely overlap it, make a little bit of a mess, because now it's going to come back through and cut it. Once one way, then once the other. Do those two lines first and then come fill in. Don't worry about filling it in until you've actually cut the sharp corner that you want. And now you didn't make the mistake of leaving a gap and having to make the line fatter or just not getting it clean and cut and waiting your time. I'm going to run through this and do some more cuts, and tightening up this shadow and then we'll come back and show you some more techniques.Again, it's all about preplanning each cut and knowing where your paints going to line up and you shouldn't have a problem being on point every time. Spray paint tips no matter how skinny are not going to get a long slender line or edge against something. So much lack paint brushing and just having to work the paints together, your just taking your paint brush can and creating the cuts. Sharp, clean lines to give it a much nicer look.

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