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How to Draw an R in Graffiti

Learn how to draw the letter R in graffiti from graffiti artist Paes 164 in this Howcast video.


"My name is Paes164 and I'm a professional artist. I've been painting since a teenager, and I've been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My Facebook is How to Draw Graffiti Letters of the Alphabet:R

Next up, the letter R. We'd kind of get up here and just kind of whiff our little throw up around, basically just like that. Very simple, bubbly letters. Followed by a little bit of 3D . There's your bubble letter, throw up or also known as a throwy. Next we're going to do is a block buster. Get our base outerline of the R roughed out and fill it in. Remember to move quickly filling in. Especially if your using a fatcat and work your way through to avoid drips. Come back with some clean outline and whenever you're outlining you're actually coming right up against the overlapping the edge of the line from the previous back color with your outline and that's what kind of tightens and crispens everything up. Add on a 3D, a little bit of outer outlining or inner gelling for our blockbuster R. And keeping it still close to the same shape, we'll do a little wild style R. Wild styles are just something to defining your graffiti as something more complex. And of course, be more stylized so it's really up to you what your preference going to be on what little trinkets and curves you're going to add to your lettering. We'll also come through and add a little fill in. To pull in my can away from the wall as I go is all you need to do to create that fade. Now we'll add some outline. Outline always brings the letter out, adding a little bit of 3D again to give it that blocky look and make that letter stand out. You can even go and add extra colors to the 3D to make that pop out individually. Got the outline and everything done, so we go to the inner gel, also an inner outline with even brighter color. Alright. And our last step, an outer outline, use this bright green is kind a get around the whole letter. Boom. Radical wild style R."

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