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How to Draw an X in Graffiti

Learn how to draw the letter X in graffiti from graffiti artist Paes 164 in this Howcast video.


My name is Paes164 and I'm a professional artist. I've been painting since a teenager, and I've been doing it for 20 years now. Find me at ( My Facebook is The letter X, we'll do a throw up of that. So we'll just kind of paint around kind of get your base letter up. Then your 3D. Using a fat cap a lot of times will eliminate you having to fill in a 3D you can get keep the tip further away from the wall. So there you go, it's the letter X. Okay so now we're going to do the letter X as a block buster. Start off with this gold and kind of kick it down. Using that same color, I'll come and fill it in. Followed by, using this blue and outlining it. It's a good clear outline around your block buster. Nice it sharp. It will make it that much more visible from a distance. A little bit of 3D coming off and then we'll finish that up with taking the skinny and doing an inner outline. Boom there's your blockbuster X. Now we're going to do an X as a wild style. Taking the same shape you know again one know one of those letters that you can only get so much done as far as shape without it making look like something else. I'm going to add on pieces to it, that are going to equal out giving it a more complex look. So I'm just kind of building off different shapes. This yellow, this silver will be separated with the outline. Take this purple and outline it, we add our 3D to the X. We're not going to want to add it to all parts of the silver, it really needs to stay outside of the letter itself. We come back with this pink here, I'm going to inner outline the X, and then only inner outline the outside portion of the yellow pieces but only behind it so it looks like it's popping up from behind. So let's work our way around, there's the inner outline and we'll use this green to do an outer outline. You can probably even add a little more Xs building off that outer fill. Do that same whip shading where you are pointing down and pulling away from the wall. How about that, wild style letter X.

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