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TF2 Medic: Basic Strategy

Learn the basic strategy for TF2 Medic with this Team Fortress expert tutorial.


Heavy: Doctor,are you sure this will work?

Medic: Ha ha, I have no idea.

The Medic is everyone's favorite psychopathic man of medicine and one of Team Fortress 2's nine playable classes. As the Medic's name suggests, he's the healer on the team. His primary function is to heal injured teammates as well as to deploy powerful ubercharges. This class is easy to pick up and play but because of the vitality of his role knowing how to play him right is extremely important. This guide will have you up and running with basic Medic concepts to make sure you are a credit to team when you head out into the wild.

The Medic is a medium weight support class with 150 hit points and a slow constant health regeneration. He has three weapon slots, the Syringe gun, the Medigun, and the Bonesaw. Because the Medic is a dedicated healer his syringes are among the weakest weapons in the game and should be used for self defense only although it usually doesn't hurt to dispatch spies for your team mates. Most of the Medic's game play centers around his healing tool, the Medigun. Most shooter games are about clicking on enemies in the center of your screen. As the Medic, you do the opposite. Point your Medigun at an ally and hold down the left mouse button to begin healing them. When their health is full don't just stop healing. The Medigun is capable of over-healing allies beyond their regular maximum health.

Additionally as you heal your ubercharge meter will slowly fill up. When it hits 100% you can press the right mouse button to uber your heal target and yourself, rendering both of you completely immune to damage for a short time. This can be useful for clearing through enemy defenses or escaping from a bad situation. But remember, a live Medic with zero percent uber is more useful than a dead Medic with full uber.

The Medic has multiple Mediguns to choose from, each with its upsides and downsides. As a Medic player you'll have two main choices, the default Medigun covered earlier, and the Kritzkrieg which forgoes the invulnerability to instead grant your uber targets massive damage in the form of 100% critical hits. This option is riskier but, against large groups of players, usually more effective. The default Medigun's invulnerability is safer, and also perfect for dealing with enemy sentry guards, since sentries are unaffected by critical hits.

Also make sure that the class you are charging is well suited for the task. The Heavy and Pyro are great up close, but a Soldier or Demo man might be the better choice for more open areas. While you wait at the loading screen you may notice a tip about the Heavy being a great partner for the medic. While this is true because the Heavy has the most health and a very big gun, he's not the only one who deserves your attention. Too often do inexperienced Medics latch their healing beam onto an inexperienced Heavy and then go into "derp mode" letting the Heavy do everything and all but ignoring the other teammates in need of heals.

Everyone on your team deserves your attention, and any of the other heavyweight combat-oriented classes should be able to do a good job protecting you. But in the heat of the battle you will be required to choose who needs the heals more. Be it because they are currently taking fire and have less health than the guy you're already healing, or their class is more vital to the situation. You need to use your discretion to choose who needs heals and when, prioritize. As the Medic communicating with your team is crucial. When you come under attack you must always be able to call for help and when you have an ubercharge, it's always best to give your heal target a little advance warning before you deploy it. If you don't have a microphone, definitely go get one even if it's cheap. Otherwise get familiar with the voice commands. "Go! Go! Go!" can be used to communicate that you want your heal target to attack so that you can uber them. And "Help!" and "Incoming!" are self explanatory.

That's it for this video TF2 players. Auf Wiedersehen, and good luck out there.

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