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How to Play Kinectimals

Learn how to play Kinectimals in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


"So here we are playing Kinectimals, which is one of the most adorable games I've played in my entire life. It seriously induces heart melting. So I'm here with all the cubs and right now as you can see I'm giving this cute little guy a scratch on the ear.
See this is theraputic, everyone needs a kinectimal. So, I'm gonna put that down and I'm gonna wait for him to go back. There ya go, and he's gonna jump back.
And I know it's really cool, but I'm gonna say no at the moment so I can show you a couple of the other animals. So, let's look we also have a Bengal Tiger, we have the african lion which is very adorable. Ah he's very cute too. Black panther who's absolutely adorable as well. And we have our Cheetah. And we're gonna say hi to everybody. So, we're gonna select someone so lets go with the, lets go with here. Pick our cub and of course as soon as we pick one we get lots of love and we do lots of petting again we want to pet and pet and pet and scratch and we can step to the side there we go we can scratch down we can scratch up we can scratch the little legs and the belly and you can see it's reacting so amazing it's absolutely vivid and ah it's just too cute so put your hands down and it should ask if we want to adopt this little cub. And we want to name him so let's name our little cub. And for this we'll have to use our microphone for kinect and you can pick any name.
I think it's time we gave your little one a name don't you. Say it out loud
Oh I like that Say it again, see if your cub likes it too.
Wonderful name, excellent excellent choice
so here we are with my little cub hello hello.
I really love this place.
His name is Beguira, and we';ve been playing around so let me show you some tricks.
Obviously he wants to play with the soccer ball. So we're gonna play with the soccer ball and what it does is it will prompt me to kick or throw depending on what the toy is.
Go ahead throw the ball out there. See how many times you can kick it between you and your cub.
And now we're rallying which is amazing. I actually didn't know my cub could do this. I'm quite proud
So that meter up top is your discovery meter so as you get more familiar with your cub more and more are gonna unlock and as you unlock each area you're gonna build your map bigger and there;s more things to do as you can see I've almost unlocked this whole entire area
Oh yeah I remember that place it's a beautiful clearing in the forest last time I was there the place was full of bunnies, but that was more than 100 years ago. Can we go? Look there's one of the bunnies. Your cub must smell more bunnies. Come on you'll have to run to keep up. watch out the log is probably wet
wow it's even more beautiful than I remember. This is the obedience contest get your cub to perform all the tricks that come up then you have to try and perform the right gesture to go with your animals trick. It's really fun. Come on give it a try.
So here we go, this is actually perfect were actually doing the trick contest come on jump. There we go. And star jump. Play dead. Adorable.
Sit. lay down. Sit down.
All right. let's see how you did. You did great that's your new high score wow a gold medal
so here's just a small case of the vast world of Xbox 360 Kinectimal I highly recommend this game it's for a kid it's for the kid in us. It really, it really just kinda makes you feel good."

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