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How to Play Fighters Uncaged

Learn how to play Fighters Uncaged in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


So here we are with Fighters Uncaged. Again this is Kinect required, you cannot play with a controller. So basically after you sign in by punching the screen you are brought to this menu. I have to tell you guys before you can actually play the game there is a very long tutorial and it's not necessarily a bad thing because you do have to learn a lot of the moves and a lot of the combos and the fighting. But it's going to require a lot of time, a lot of fighting, and once you are done you can go in and fight from the various characters in the game. So we are going to actually, we bypassed all that, and we going to fight. So you pick your oppenent and we are going to fight Rider. There three modes of combat, close, medium range, and long range. To do each mode requires a certain move. If you are in long range you need to punch to move on to medium range and so forth. Now the reason I decided not to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt is because this is really a fighting game, but its really not a fighting game. You can do things like kick and punch, but don't get so far into that you will hurt yourself. So here I am, Oops got to dodge that. Those of you can see there is a tell, the opponents limbs will light up when they are about to fire. Alright I'm getting my butt kicked. And also you can exhaust your opponent, or yourself, which is not good. You can also block and dodge, or headbutt, as i just did. It will also tell you where you are as far as what the range is. Like the long kick, the medium kick, you want to step forward or step back. And you can even do, it will prompt you for a sweet kick. And that's round one. And obviously its the best of three so here we are again. And you want to try to, there we go, kick punch. You also want to step away if you can. I want to try to headbutt him and then kick him, there we go. You really want to do knee up, sweep. You always want to keep your hand up on guard, see sometimes you can see the punch coming and deflect it. And you can see again if you get out of frame. Strangely enough your character will talk to himself and say oh I shouldn't have done that or oh medium range. And that is Fighters Uncaged for the Xbox 360 Kinect.

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