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How to Play Kinect Adventures

Learn how to play Kinect Adventures in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


And now we are going to play connected back to this. This is the game that will come with your Kinect as we are being seeing it has been booked it has a fabulous Kinect sticker. So we are up on our start screen and as you can see I've already signed in as my wonderful profile that is if you calubrated Kinect id into our it will do it automatically which is really a nice touch and we are going to start playing. So I am going to hold over start and boom. So we bring up this option menu and its five ways to play. Right now we are going to over free play which means you just pick any activity and play by yourself or with your friend. So we are going to one of my favourite which is River Rush. And you just select on it and you just pick your and again we have basic, basic and intemediate. And so we are going to go at balancing rate. Now the game of Kinect Adventures that is they give you a quick tutorial as the load screen is going. So it tells you what to do and in this you have to collect the pins and it also tells you how to move. Now with this rapid game you have to sidestep going back and forth and you also have to jump. Now you don't have to sit through all this or if you want to change your avatar you have the time to do that. So we are going to skip this and go right into the game. So here we are ready to go and when you're ready all you have to do is jump and your it. Now right at the back you can see that is very sensitive there we go we have to jump from these obstacles and try to find some aprons and there is also known as my camera is going to flash and take a rediculous funny photo of you. And you can double jump tip at old fashioned back waters.So we want to get up out of these arrows and catch many as pins as possible. There is also certain boosts depending on what level you play and it will go super fast . So again this one is really balancing. So so have to jump need a lot of exercise definetely we are something comfortable . So besides that to get up and you're going to jump. Now i recommend keeping yourself grounded with your legs kind of low because your going to be going back and forth back and forth. So and see you have to avoid that actually helps the need of it . And having found this arrow and jump and I get more pins okay one more jump there is actually two levels we can actually jump on the clouds. And you can jump and sway. Remember double jumping helps. And when you are two of you who just touched his bug there we go . We try to wave in the clouds I got it there we go I got it see and I am going to fall . There we go how I made it on the road intact. That's one of the levels . And then it shows the pictures that you took which is great. Not bad ah. And that's how you play River Rush for Kinect Adventures on Xbox three sixty.

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