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Family Settings Guide

Learn about the family settings guide in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


"So now I'm going to show you how to enable and disable the family settings for your Xbox Kinect. We're on dashboard and so this is why I have the controller and we go down to My Xbox, we scroll all the way over to Family Settings.

Click on Family Settings, and here we go it brings up one menu,easy, simple. Now it's been off, but we're going to turn it on. Now we turn it on, all of these little columns light up and we can adjust things like Ratings and Content, Family Timer, we can set a pass code or change it. So let's say you want to limit our time, we can go daily. We can go weekly. Let's say daily, let's say we don't want the kids to play more than 2 hours a day. We go there and hit Continue.

Ratings and Content, once again we can go into the individual Game Ratings, Exceptions and you can also do this for movies and TV, so if you are using Netflix or Zoon or you know watching sports, you can limit what your children can see, which is really great. But you obviously have the override key, so you can watch anything.

So let's say we want to go to movies, so let's just say we want to watch Disney movies for the rest of our lives. We change it to G and there we go. So then we go back and we go to Save and Exit and it's going to want you to set up a pass code. So you set up the pass code. Let's see and this is how you do it and it's all triggered so for all intents and purposes we're going to do a simple code just for now, so we're going to go left trigger, right trigger, left trigger, right trigger. You have to do it one more time so we do left trigger, right trigger, left trigger, right trigger and now it's locked in.

So we can also do a question and answer with your favorite fictional character, your favorite food. Let's say, let's go with favorite fictional character, select, Set Answer and answer. My favorite is good old fashioned Mickey Mouse. Done, we go to Save and Exit and it's on and as you can see right now it will count down from the moment you start playing.

So once you come in, let's say we want to override, you go back left trigger, right trigger, left trigger, right trigger, so we want to turn the settings off. We go to off and we scroll right down to Save and Exit and there you go. And that's how you use family settings on the Xbox Kinect.

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