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How to Do Barbie Eye Makeup

Learn how to do your eye makeup to look like Barbie in this Howcast Halloween makeup tutorial with artist Kenneth Llambelis.


Hi, my name's Kenneth Llambelis. I'm one of the head makeup artists at Abracadabra Superstore in the heart of New York City. You can find out more about me and the store Abracadabra at

So for the next part of our Barbie doll look, we're going to start working on the eyes. The first step is to take a white cream pencil, and we're going to line your water line. After you've gotten that on, you're just going to extend it down a little bit more. This is going to create a very wide open, doll-like look for you. Just face me a little bit. And look up. And you continue the same on the other side. Face that way. So I'm going to use a small angled brush to just blend out some of the white line that we just created, so it gives it a nice, smooth shape. The next step is going to be to use a white kind of shimmery crayon pencil. This is Ben Nye's Opal. We're going to put this all over the top lid and connect it to the bottom lash line. Look towards me a little bit, and close. Then once you have that done, you're going to go over that with a white, shimmery eye shadow. For our next step, we're going to use a shimmery hot pink eye shadow and that's going to go right on your brow bone. For this we're going to use the color Azalea by Ben Nye. It's a really highly-pigmented pink. After that's done, we're going to take another small shadow brush. We're going to go into the crease with a blue. So right there in the crease, we're going to add this blue color, and blend it up into the pink. After that's done, you're going to take a smudging brush and you're just going to blend out the edges. And you have your Barbie doll look.

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