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How to Do Barbie Makeup on Your Face

Learn how to do your face makeup to look like Barbie in this Howcast Halloween makeup tutorial with artist Kenneth Llambelis.


Hi, my name's Kenneth Llambelis. I'm one of the head makeup artists at Abracadabra Superstore in the heart of New York City. You can find out more about me and the store Abracadabra at

For this look, we're going to make a Barbie doll face. For the first step, I like to use a kind of primer to really smooth out the skin. And then when we start adding a foundation over it to kind of flatten it out a little bit to give it a kind of a doll-like look. So we start off with a light primer. Brush this all over the face. We're just gonna do a nice even coat across the face. Then blend this with all out with a big fluffy brush. Once you have like a nice, smooth surface, we're going to start our contour. Starting with the magnifying powder first, and powder this over the primer. After you have that on, you can start your contour. We use the darker color in the Sun Disk and the angle fluffy brush, tap out any excess, and do a light contour right on to the cheek. After that's applied, we want to start on the highlight with another fluffy brush right into the light side of the Sun Disk. Highlight the center of the forehead, down the nose. Then we're going to follow up with a small contour around the sides of the nose to kind of even it out a little more. And then again we're going to blend out with a large brush. Now that that's done, let's move on to the blush. We're going to use a bright pink, it's called Doll Face by Tarte — Doll Face, perfect for a Barbie doll — right onto the apples of the cheeks. And you have your Barbie doll face.

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