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What's the Best Knife for Self-Defense?

Learn what is the best knife for self-defense in this Howcast video with expert Dan Delavan.


Hi, my name's Dan Delavan. I'm the owner operator of Plaza Cutlery in Costa Mesa, California. We have a great selection. We also have a website, And today we're going to be talking about knives.

Knives for self defense. Usually the best thing for self defense, if you're facing a knife fight, is a pair of sneakers. To run and get away. As fast as you can. So chances are, that person knows how to use it, and you do not. If you do have to use a knife, you know, for some reason, you know, it's obviously going to be a knife that you have on you. You can buy all kinds of tactical knives and have them, but if they're at home they don't do you any good. You know, there are a number of knives that are built for self defense in mind. But unless you've taken classes, and learn how to use them, it's not going to do you any good against somebody that's used, you know, used knives.

A couple of knives, the Emerson CQC 7, with the wave on it, or any of the Emerson knives with the wave on it. So you pull it out of your pocket. The blade engages and is open. Bud Nealy, a custom knife maker from Pennsylvania, makes some fixed blades. So if fixed blades concealed are legal in your area, those can be carried in a sport coat on the inside, or in a back pocket. Or on a belt. And they're easily deployed.

This is the Bud Nealy multi-concealment system, sheath system. With this piece right here, when it's mounted to the knife scabbard to tie that sheath, it can go like the inside a sport coat. And inside the coat you can just reach up and grab the knife, in order to get it really quick. It does make noise as you can hear. So it's not a quiet system.

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