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How to Make an Avatar

Learn how to make an Avatar in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


so what ever i show you now is how to create a avatar using xbox kinect. so here on the main screen i am gonna click on the profile now once again using a controller so we gonna hit A answer let it be player 2 .. and we are signed in. so what we gonna do is now to select Y to customize it and that brings you up to this screen. now we gonna put controller back down so that we can use hands. so we gonna go through and scroll and you know what lets go with her so she is pretty cool you know i'm not feeling her hair so we gonna go here and select hair and lets see you know we can scroll and select from shortest hair to longest hair . lets dig in and select mohawk and you know what i am feeling bit crazy and select white color. so know my doll doesn't suit the outfit so im gonna go back and we change the style so lets do this way and change the dress way these are complete outfits available.okay im gonna go with surfer's dress which really turned out to be hot dress.lets go now with accessories. lets give it cool glasses. we can also change hair color , eye color anything you want I like this 60 shades . boom there we go .. we are finished. we go back , and we go back again and we click on save and exit. and then we are done with avatar how we do a avatar with xbox kinect

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