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How to Play Child of Eden

Learn how to play Child of Eden in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


"So, let's play Child of Eden. And this is one of the game that is better with the Kinect sensor and I completly agree with it. So, we're off on our screen. Xbox, Play Disc. And I also csn mention that there are moves that have to involve you going like this, so you don't want anything hanging , anything obstructing your high range. So, we are on the load screen now, as you can see, if you hit the right stick, if you are using the controller, you can go switch back and forth, but since we're not and this is the Kinect demo, we're gonna go straigth in. Now, I've been playing a little before, just a warm up. And, you'll get some levels unlocked and I'll show you some cool stuff. So, what's gonna happen is, It's gonna confirm your profile. Say yes, and you move on to, I guess the secondary home screen which is called Eden's Garden. And here we are, in Eden's Garden. And, you can see all the various worlds that we have discovered and tried to purify. In it's essence, this game is about taking the bad and making it good. So, we're gonna go with our first level here, which is Matrix. So we dive on in. And, on the first time you play, they will walk you throught a tutorial so it will stop and go, but since we've already did this level, it's just gonna go straight trought, so I'm gonna talk trought the basic things you need to know. Now, your left hand is going to be your tracer gun, which is a little bit kind of a free going non stop weaker version of, of the gun. Now, your right hand, as you can see here, are your bombs and it's your primary attack. What happens is, hum as you can see is you kind of lock on to fire targets, and you wanna kind of just blow it up. And then, you can go back and forth. Now, the thing about the tracer guy is there are purple ennemies and purple bullets and they can only be killed by this tracer guy. So, you have to keep that in mind because you don't even start with a whole life and you can lose very quickly in this game because it does gets hard very quickly. So, we're going trought and I'm trying to lock on some targets. When you get a highscore, you unlock items such has life and your special attack, which is calle euphoria. See, that's a life, right there. And the meter filled up half. Any time an ennemy hit you thought, you will lose your entire, one entire bar. See, right here, that's euphoria, that's how you collect it and I'll show you it in a little bit. Ready, arms up! That's euphoria attack. Pretty cool, and I will definetly save that for a lot of ennemies or for a boss. Now, getting back to your stance. Because the levels are so long, and you will be doing this maybe up to 15 minutes, kind of get, how each level his, you really want to keep your hands kind of close, and you wanna keep your stance kind of grounded low. I mean, that's just how I recommend for most Kinect game, in my opinion. Se, getting some more of these ennemies. What's absolutely stunning about this game is that the visuals and the sounds are all tied in together. It's kind of like commanding your own orchestra, with your weapons in your hands and it's beautiful. Now, you see those bullets, those are wht you have to kill with the tracer guy. Hop! There we go, I got extra life. I would definatly recommend turning the volume up and turning the lights off, cause the entire experience is just unbelievable. There they are. Will be here, right here. And also, one thing I wanna note is to always make sure you only have one hand up at a time. If you start doing both hands, it'll fly off and you're gonne get very upset and you'll probably die. There is a secondary mode if you wanna into your heu settings. And you can acctually clap to switch weapons. It's a little bit harder, but it's kind of fun, so it's just options things to play with. Now, i've been trying to nail this guy. And again, see, you really, really need to go back and forth quickly. And you really want to build up that charge in weapon. It's also great to, is that when there are bullets coming toward you, you see this little purple circle, it kind of let's you know where they are. Because you can move up and down, and it's really kind of great kind of tracking tool. Because so much is going on, it's like just a little extra on your side. Here's the baddy once again. Ho, it's gonna get there. Sometimes, you just wanna rapid fire. One more shot here, and do it, here we go! So, as we continue on, there's gonna be certtain ennemies and things that are gonna prompt you to use the trace guy. I'm using it now. As we get throught this level, the only way to get throught without losing life is by using the tracer. Which I'm gonna. Hop! I just made it, but it just gets really quick and it, especially with these smaller levels when you're like, kind of going down these tunnels, you really want to center. I mean, you do get more points the more ennemies you purify, but see, you can get hit and get distracted very easily. Life comes... rare.

So that's Child of Eden. It's and amazing game, it's one of my favorite. And I highly recommend getting it!"

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