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Kinect Sensor Tracking

Learn about Kinect sensor tracking in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


so after youve placed your xbox kinect, you want to make sure that it can see you and you can see it. so what we're going to do is we're going to show you a little bit of how to make sure tracking is all set. now what you want to do is go back into your hub...which is...on the front of this page to your left. xbox...kinect this is really important because you really want to make sure that the kinect can move up and down and see you completely from head to toe and also the ground. now this is again why you want to make it is in a place where the top can actually move back and forth and not fall over. now for this! you are going to need your control. and i know you missed it. so its good to play with it again. haha um, so here we go. we go to the screen and it says, obviously, you need your control. you hit the a button and it brings you up to this screen which is your kinect tuner troubleshooting page. we're going to focus on tracking once agains, so we're going to click on tracking. now again its going to remind you to make sure your kinects in a safe position. we're going to move on as well. and what it does instantly is its going to find you and as you can see that the angles going to be adjusted. now you can also do it manually as well. now again your going to see this picture and your going to see me, hello! waving there. and this is this is exactly what you want to see, you want to see ground and you want to see all the way up top. so you're going to continue on, hit next and again its going to remind you about how far to be back, about 6-8 feet. and thats also where you can adjust your controller manually especially if your really tall. and here we go, we're going to start the test. and boom it can see me. says i look great, so i guess im ready to go. it'll also save your tracking settings as well. and then..your done. and that's how you adjust your tracking settings for the kinect.

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