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How to Change or Remove Kinect ID

Learn how to change or remove Kinect ID in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


So, if you made a KinectID that you want to delete for one reason or another, this is how you do it. What you want to do is, use the user controller. You get it hit with the center button right here which brings up this sub menu or Xbox guide menu. You want to scroll over to settings and down to System Settings and again we are going down to memory. You can select your unit you might have more than one and there you go to gamer profile. And you see all these people. I don't even know, I don't know, you might have many more. You can select them. You have the option to move them to a Secondary hard drive (if it is external) or you know you want to move to a new Xbox system itself, you can move it down on the cart. Now this time we are going to delete. So, when deleting a profile you have two options. You can just delete the profile or you can delete the profile with any items associated with that profile which is achievements and you know certainly if you download close or you know little cookies like that. The person concludes off the Xbox, I recommend cleaning it out because you do need space. So we are going to delete everything and we have to wait and it has gone. And let's see we want to do this one. Same thing delete and this is going to do I mean you know you want to keep a lot of free space and you can keep going. And that's how you delete a KinectID and the Xbox 360 profile.

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