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How to Set Up Kinect ID

Learn how to set up Kinect ID in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


So we are back at our Kinect Hub, and the next thing we want to do is Kinect ID.
And that is going to set up yourself whit your avatar kinda of fuse you two together. And the it will bring you to this screen and you pretty much can follow the directions. Here you pick your avatar. There I am. What its going to do is make you move a series of posing and stepping, so it may seem a little bit silly doing it but trust me it is going to work.
So what you do it's step and you match the pose and you get lots of clapping, which always make you feel good, because you kinda feel silly.
And now we go here , this is going go on until that bottom meter fills up.
I am almost done. There we go and its going to identify you. There we go, so once you are done whit that you go to exit and you should go right back to your hub.
And that is how you setup your Kinect ID.

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