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How to Set Up the Play Space

Learn how to set up the play space in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


so what we have to do now is to talk about setting up your play space for your cat. as you can see here this cannot be well conduced for your well being, especially with some of these amazing and intense games that we are playing. so what we gonna do first is to clear everything, couches, chairs, coffee table, boo mics, dead bodies,small animals, small children, you know anything u feel is just gonna be in your way. now i also want to mention that the connect is really sensitive. so you gun are to be about 8 to 10 feet back, and you have to make sure that space or none of the games are gonna registered. so we are gonna clean all this up. Now this is much better as you can see i can go forward, i can go back and i got side, two side motion. and lets play some games.

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