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What Is Kinect?

Learn what Kinect is in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


So, what is Kinect? Well Kinect, I guess, in this gamers opinion is hands free excitement. It's a system that lets you move and be in a space and really engage yourself, you know? We're not into complete 3-D technology and virtual reality yet, but this is a huge step forward. And Kinect, anybody can use, it's family friendly. You know, grandma, grandpa, Uncle Ted, you know, cousins, brothers, sisters, we can all play. And there's all different levels of gaming. I had an amazing Kinect party. And I brought about a dozen of my friends over, all different levels of gaming experience from a novice to expert like myself. And I just made them jump in and play and it was great to see them react. And they loved everything, from the kid games to the adult games. They ended up having a blast and I really actually learned a lot and I hope to share that knowledge with all of you watching these at home.

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