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How to Treat Infected Piercings

Learn how to treat infected piercings from professional piercer Owen Beane in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Owen Beane, I work at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. is the website. Chameleon Tattoo's been here more than 10 years, but ten years as such with tattooing, over the last 14 years I've been doing body piercing here in Cambridge and I'll be talking to you about piercings today. The way to treat an infected piercing is to go to a piercer so that you can make an informed decision on how to care for it. A lot of times what you would see that you'd think is an infection, is not actually an infection it's like a major irritation or a routine problem with jewelry size or jewelry quality. Going to a jewelry piercer is important so they can help you understand what is happening and how best to fix it. A piercing infection, a bacterial infection, is actually really rare and is overwhelming. So you don't just have a little bit of redness, a little bit of soreness, you have excess swelling, excess pain, really bad, really gross fluid coming out it and nothing is going well, you can't really go about your daily business. So you want to go to piercer because if it a routine problem they can help you fix it and help you understand it and if it is actually an infection they can send you to a doctor and help you get taken care of that way.

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