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How to Dress for a Salsa Lesson

Learn how to dress for salsa lessons from dance instructor Jorday Rivera in this Howcast dance video.


Hello, my name is Jorday Rivera, and I am an expert in salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of salsa moves so we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned. How to dress for salsa classes: As a female I recommend that you wear something that's comfortable like some type of like yoga pants, stretchies, tights, something a little form fitting so you can see your body movements. And absolutely you should definitely definitely wear shoes - at least 2-3 inches. That may not be comfortable for everyone but I think it's best so that you don't have to relearn everything. And, of course, make sure you brings lots of water. Marcos, what do you think for guys? Well, for the guys you definitely want to avoid wearing jeans. We sweat a lot when we're dancing as I said before when we're dancing on 2 we don't stop, when the music stops is when we stop. So your going to be constantly moving, so you definitely don't want to wear jeans, you should definitely wear sweat pants or yoga pants or something comfortable. Bring a towel because ladies don't like when you sweat all over them. A change of clothes. A change of clothes is very important and also some comfortable shoes. Jazz shoes I would recommend, dance sneakers that have a split sole that way you can really get into the movement. You don't want anything that's going to constrict your foot. So definitely think about that.

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