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How to Pick Salsa Dance Shoes

Learn how to pick salsa dance shoes in this Howcast dance video with expert Jorday Rivera.


Hello, my name is Jorday Rivera, and I am an expert in salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of salsa moves so we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned. The perfect dance shoes for salsa are definitely heels. I think every woman should learn with proper dance shoes. Something like this, is beautiful and they're comfortable, or you may want to do something more basic. But if you look, they're very flexible, you can pretty much point your toes, you can arch. It also gives you a nicer shape, um, to your body, your legs look better when you are dancing. They're very light on your feet um, and I really believe that you should practice in dance with the shoes from the very beginning, especially as a female. Who wants to dance with flats? I don't know what girl wants to go out with flats or sneakers to a nightclub or to any social event. So if you don't start with dance shoes, it's almost like learning everything all over again because it's definitely a different feeling when you're in shoes and heels and when you're in flats. Men should definitely wear some kind of, like, dress shoe, if they're not really wearing actual dance shoes. You can find regular, they do have jazz shoes, they do have shoes specially made and designed for men to dance in. They're light also, the√Ω're flexible. But if you don't want to purchase a pair of shoes, then I recommend you wear like a light pair of dress shoes, no boots, no heavy sneakers. Definitely something that has a slippery sole on the bottom, bottom of the sole, so you could, um, be lighter on your feet, and more graceful.

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