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How to Do the She Goes He Goes Styled

Learn how to do the She Goes, He Goes Styled from salsa dance expert Jorday Rivera in this Howcast dance video.


Hi, my name is Trudera Vera, and I am an expert in Salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of Salsa moves, so that we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned.

Now ladies and gentleman, we're going to be doing the style version of She Goes, He Goes, She Goes.

So we're going to be in our basic. We're going to go and one we're going to dip. Now, I'm going to turn. I'm going to extend my left arm. He's going to turn. I'm going to extend over, and he's going to loop me, and I'm going to come over him. Two three. Six seven she goes. Extend your arms. And turn, extend your arms again. Now the male's going to frame over. Go through. One more time. She goes. Extend your arm. He goes. Extend your arm. And gentleman, frame the [inaudible 1:32]. One two three. One more time. And, one two three. Extend. One two. Extend. Now frame. Five six seven. And that's She Goes, He Goes, styled.

Hope you liked it.

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