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How to Do the Drop Hand Catch Dance Step

Learn how to do the drop hand catch dance step from salsa dance expert Jorday Rivera in this Howcast dance video.


Hello, my name is Jorday Rivera, and I am an expert in salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of salsa moves so we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned. This actual turn pattern is called a drop hand catch. So pretty much, this is a connected step, so we're gonna turn to my partner, Marcos, and we're gonna do it with music. Now, the breakdown to the drop hand catch is as follows: you're gonna turn to your partner, close position, we're gonna go into our basic. Basic and one-two-three, five-six-seven. And this position here, we're gonna do a right turn. Gentlemen, make sure you're giving us the signals, okay? You're gonna lift up that arm and you're gonna push with the left hand. One-two-three, now you're gonna turn yourself, into a right turn also. Now we're gonna do it again, another right turn, two-three, recover-six-seven. So again, we're going basic and one-two-three, five-right turn, one-two-three, right turn for yourself, one-two-three, recover-six-seven. One-two-three, five-six-seven. One-two-three, drop hand catch. One-two-three, recover-six-seven. One-two-three, last time. One-two-three, drop hand catch. One-two-three, recover-six-seven. And that's the breakdown of the drop hand catch with a partner.

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