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How to Live Onboard a Boat

Learn how to live onboard a boat in this Howcast boating video with expert Toby Stull.


Hi, my name is Toby Stull and I'm captain with Out in the Water Sailing. We're an adventure sports sailing company, providing charters, sailing lessons, vessel training and consulting. Please visit our website at We're here today in Liberty Harbor to talk about boating. There are few rewarding experiences in life like living on a boat. Many people often fantasize about it.But few actually do it. It's a fantastic experience. Take it from me I have lived here in New York city aboard for over five years. There are some basic tips that youll need to know before moving aboard. First find a boat thats what you want. if you want a little bit of river cruise party boat at night. Buy a big power boat you can bring the whole gang. If you dream of some days setting off and sailing the seas. Buy a pretty sail boat like this. When you think you found the right boat make sure it has the adequate essentials: Can you cook on the boat? Is there room to sleep? Is there room to store your stuffs? Make sure you are going to be comfortable. Most marinas in the city and else where don't allow house boats anymore. So you have to buy a boat thats operational. In a city like this, the right marina is one that is secure, calm and allows live aboard. A calm marina is the marina where the wind and other boat traffic doesn't make your boat rock. Especially at nights when you want to sleep and having people around is essential because once you move aboard you really need to rely on your neighbors. There are people who have been doing this for many years.They will be able to provide you with tips you need to get comfortable and cozy. They will teach you how to heat the boat and cool the boat. How to store your stuff, keep the water from freezing around and if you are in a cold climate. And once you get everything down and still have your 9 to 5. You find that life is Just a little bit better.

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